THIS weekend.

I know, I know, two whole days off is a tad overwhelming, so here are some suggestions of FUN THINGS TO DO.


1. The O’Docherty Pop Orchestra play The Duke. What better way to spend a Friday night than to have a few bevvies with your bessies and listen to pop classics on brass instruments? YES PURLEASE. More details here



2. The Louise Balkwill Quartet play at The Yacht. What better way to spend a Friday night than to have a few bevvies with your bessies and listen to some jazz? Okay, okay, so there are two gigs. That’s the joy of being Arts students.

Louise Balkwill


3. Go to L’Artisan Deli. This wee cafe was featured in A Day in the Life of Max De Lucia and our SU president ventured there last weekend. Gordon can confirm that everyone is very chatty and lovely- they even showed him how they make their LUSH scrambled eggs.



4. See 12 Years a Slave. If you’ve not seen this yet, you really, really must. There aren’t the words to describe how wonderful a job Steve McQueen and all his cast and crew have done at telling this important and sadly, true story.


5. Eat at Ajiichiban. This Japanese Restaurant in Greenwich is TASTY. Try some sushi, noodle soup or dumplings. It’s well priced, has a chilled atmosphere and is tres local.



6. Go to the Behind the Mask: BAFTA portraits by Andy Gott MBE. Head to the beautiful Somerset House and see portraits of all your favourite ‘stars’. It’s FREE and afterwards you can head to the Southbank for a coffee/ cocktail.



7. Today is Chinese New Year! Celebrate the Year of the Horse by heading to the parade through Trafalgar Square on Sunday. There will be dragons, dancing lions and firecrackers. Then head to a bakery in Chinatown for some weekend sweetness.

chinese new year


8. Bake. When I was a student, I lived in some pretty awful places where clean dishes didn’t exist and mice did. So, thank your lucky stars, all you need is a mug for this cake recipe. Who cares about messy flat-mates, clutter and neighbour noise when you can have NUTELLA MUG CAKE?!

nutella mug cake


9. Exercise. Swim, run, walk, dance to pop classics, do some yoga, cycle or head to the gymnasium. It’s good for your body, your soul and means you can eat NUTELLA MUG CAKE.


Have a LOVELY weekend you wonderfully talented lot.