Welcome to Trinity Laban Student

Welcome to trinitylabanstudent.com, the place with all the information you will ever need to know; who to contact for what, the Trinity Laban services available to you, fun SU event information, latest news,… Continue reading

And exhale.

We made it. The SU has had a brilliant year and we hope that you have had a fun one too. There are too many people to thank for their time and endless… Continue reading

The original.

Let’s for a second imagine your student experience WITHOUT THE SU…I know, heart-breakingly difficult isn’t it? Well, collect yourselves, Trinity College of Music (how the Music Faculty was know back in the day)… Continue reading

The Newbies.

As you’ll be well aware (due to emails, voting and more emails) the SU recently elected our new team for 2014/15. The old’yins finish at the end of July (it’s time for them… Continue reading

This weekend #6

The sun is out and it’s almost the weekend. YES. And, Radio 4 said that it woz going to be hot this weekend so it must be true. Here are some FUN things… Continue reading

Gordon’s ‘A Day in the Life of a Musical Theatre Student’

Somethings in life just don’t need an introduction. I mean, you’ve already had a trailer…what more can I say? Here is Gordon’s A Day in the Life of a Musical Theatre Student.  … Continue reading

Raw Vegan Brownies

James Hitchins is our Disability Officer at Trinity Laban. He is also a keen and OH SO TALENTED baker, especially of the vegan kind. Below is a recipe for you all; join with… Continue reading